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Welcome to Call Me Gourmet! We are a small, family owned business, bringing you delicious recipes that everyone around us has enjoyed for years!  We have created a line of outstanding gourmet sauces and snack mixes that help bring joy and flavor to your life. 

Our line of original gourmet mustard sauces are the ideal condiment for any meat; beef or pork tender, sausage, game or cold boiled shrimp, fish, etc.... Use it as a marinade on salmon, or as a spread on your sandwich or burger. With five exciting flavors to choose from, you can help add joy to your pallet.  Call Me Original TM, Call Me Chipotle TM, Call Me Jalapeño TM, Call Me Pepper TM and Call Me Curry TM

If you are in the mood for a snack or love to entertain with delightful treats then try one of our addicting snack mixes. Our version of the loved Texas Trash, with a twist! Choose from the ever so wonderful Call Me Trash TM, or our fiery pretzels Call Me Twisted TM.

Our NEWEST Flavors:
 "Call Me Hatchradish" - The spiciest and newest addition to our family of Gourmet Mustard Sauces.

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